Tuxedos for Rent in Wallingford, CT

Zaccariello’s Tailor & Formal Wear specializes in creating sharp, stylish looks for men in the Wallingford, CT, area. Our family owned and operated shop makes shopping for men's formal wear easier than ever before. If you’ve scoured the area in search of stylish wedding tuxedos for rent, you’ve finally stumbled upon the right place. We carry some of the top designer brands available on the wedding tuxedo market, ensuring you have access to a wide variety of options no matter your budget.

Tuxedos & Suits for any event

Typically, when picturing a man all dressed up, we tend to envision them in wedding tuxedos while standing at the altar. At Zaccariello’s, while we typically provide suits and tuxedos for weddings, we have plenty of options for any occasion. In spring, prom tuxedos become an increasingly popular pursuit as teenage boys rush into our store in hopes of impressing their date. 

A Perfect Fit, Guaranteed

We sell quality garments at Zaccariello’s, but we know that no two bodies are alike. Our customers can count on us to provide them with expert alterations, whether for a wedding tuxedo or the bride’s dress. 

No Appointment Necessary!

You don’t have to make an appointment to view or select tuxedos in our shop, but we do encourage it. Setting an appointment allows us to serve you better and prevents you from having to wait for an available staff member. Call Zaccariello’s Tailor & Formal Wear today to set up your appointment or stop by to take a look around!

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